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CARE CHECKLIST of information to include when writing a case report

Section Item Checklist item description Reported on page
Title 1 The words “case report” and the area of focus should appear in the title (such as diabetes, a therapeutic approach, an outcome)  
Key Words 2 2 to 5 key words that identify areas covered in this case report  
Abstract 3a Introduction—What is unique about this case? What does it add to the medical literature? Why is this important?  
3b The patient's main concerns and important clinical findings  
3c The main diagnoses, therapeutics interventions, and outcomes  
3d Conclusion—What are the “take-away” lessons from this case?  
Introduction 4 One or two paragraphs summarizing why this case is unique with reference to the relevant medical literature    
Patient Information 5a De-identified demographic and other patient specific information  
5b Main concerns and symptoms of the patient  
5c Medical, family, and psychosocial history including relevant genetic information (this should also appear in the timeline)  
5d Relevant past interventions and their outcomes  
Clinical Findings 6 Describe the relevant physical examination (PE) and other significant clinical findings  
Timeline 7 Relevant data from the patient's history organized as a timeline  
Diagnostic Assessment 8a Diagnostic methods (PE, laboratory testing, imaging, surveys)  
8b Diagnostic challenges (access, financial, cultural)  
8c Diagnostic reasoning including other diagnoses considered  
8d Prognostic characteristics when applicable (staging)  
Therapeutic Intervention 9a Types of intervention (pharmacologic, surgical, preventive)  
9b Administration of intervention (dosage, strength, duration)  
9c Any changes in the interventions (with rationale)  

Follow-up and Outcomes

10a Clinician and patient-assessed outcomes (when appropriate)  
10b Important follow-up diagnostic and other test results  
10c Intervention adherence and tolerability (how was this assessed)  
10d Adverse and unanticipated events  
Discussion 11a Strengths and limitations in your approach to this case  
11b Discussion of the relevant medical literature  
11c The rationale for your conclusions (a causality assessment)  
11d The primary “take-away” lessons from this case report  
Patient Perspective 12 When appropriate the patient should share their perspective on the treatments they received  
Informed Consent 13 Did the patient give informed consent? Please provide if requested  

TIMELINE sample format (following the CARE guidelines)



  • Patients: Case reports inform and expand therapeutic possibilities.
  • Clinicians: Case reports inform clinical practice and enhance critical thinking.
  • Researchers: Case reports generate hypotheses and inform clinical practice guidelines (CPGs).
  • Hospitals & Clinics: Case reports support peer review and quality assurance and inform CPGs.
  • Education: Case reports complement case-based learning and improve clinical reasoning.
  • Policy makers: Case reports facilitate the evaluation of clinical practice guidelines.
  • Healthcare Industry: Case reports support service innovation and post-marketing surveillance.


  • We work with healthcare stakeholders on case report projects such as (1) writing, training and publishing support, (2) web-based data collection, and (3) peer-review and quality assurance efforts.
  • We offer training and editorial services in writing, editing, and publishing case reports that follow the CARE guidelines for practitioners, academic institutions, specialty associations, and other healthcare stakeholders.


Email:; • Telephone: +505.690.0688

CARE Steering Committee: David Riley, Joel Gagnier, Gunver Kienle, David Moher, Gregory Plotnikoff, Larissa Shamseer and Melissa Barber.

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